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A/N: i decided to post this very first YUNJAE fic of mine!!! this is chaptered! and this will obviously be the first chapter of it! hope you'll enjoy! comments are loved.

*Just a few reminders: JAEJOONG is not a member of TVXQ! in this fic....

The Vacation and The Boy Fan
Yehey! a vacation! Yunho have been craving for this!!! but wait! who is this BOY STALKER??

Yunho's POV

At LAST! vacation time! after weeks of pure pressure, a day finally came that can relieve my already over-stressed mind. being a singer and a dancer of the world-renowned asian group called DBSK or Dong Bang Shin Ki, you really cant have a quiet or peaceful moment! Not even an hour, a minute, or a second. Fan Girls here and there, tapings here and there, recordings, live shows and practice of routines! WAH! SO STRESSFUL! thats why this very day can be considered as A GREAT MIRACLE for us DBSK members, especially me, who have been craving for vacation since last week. Our manager has just announced the 2-week vacation of every member! YIPEE! YIPEE!! NO one can really bring down my cheery spirit now!!!



DBSK members Yunho, Junsu, Changmin and Yoochun were all gatherd by their manager.

"Before you start your 2 week vacation, I just want to tell you that you 4 MUST NOT BE TOGETHER! meaning, each one of you WILL GO ON A VACATION ON YOUR OWN!" the manager said

"but hyung! this is our time TO BOND!"Junsu protested

"Its the only time we 4 can really do what we want to TOGETHER!" Yooshun added

The manager sighed.

"That's an instruction from CEO Soo Man! and besides, if you are alone, you can get the rest that you want! No one will bother or disturb you!" the manager exclaimed

The 4 legendary boys sighed. They CLEARLY have no choice but to obey, given the fact that "YOU CAN'T USE ANY COMMUNICATION DEVICE!" which their manager have said before he left their apartment. He also have confiscated their cellphones and laptops. Only Camera, IPOD and wallet is whats left for them to bring aside from their clothes.


The 4 boys went on their separate ways. It wouldn't be fun without them together but they just have to live with it. Besides, its just 2 weeks! (I wonder what will happen on those 2 weeks!?)

Yunho arrived at the train station. He decided to visit a province, its called Gongju. He's so sure he's gonna enjoy it there! The fresh breeze, nice scenery and delicious food. He was on his thoughts when someone bumped him hard, causing his cap and eyeglasses to fall. He immediately grabbed the 2 things but even before he can wear it, The "boy" already have seen and recognized him

"Jung-Jung Yunho?"

He immediately wore the 2 and walked past him., But the boy followed him, and when finally he catched up with him,

"Hey wait! I just want to say sorry!" The boy exclaimed

He stopped and truned to the boy...

"Alright! alright! you're forgiven! now can you please let me be?" yunho asked, clearly pissed and quite panicky, hoping no one else saw him aside from this beautiful boy...

"err... alright!" the boy said and flashed him a bright smile.

The boy then disappeared on the crowd of people boarding the train. Speaking of the train, HE HAVE TO BOARD THAT NOW!


Yunho sat on the far end part of the train. He chose that place because he's sure that no one will notice him there... he pulled out his IPOD and selected the playlist of DBSK for him to listen. He was humming along the tune, with closed eyes, when suddenly, someone sat beside him...(no one is beside Yunho a while ago!) and to his shock, he was humming along too!! seems that the boy hears what he is listening to. He pulled the headset off his ears and looked at the boy... The boy noticing that his seatmate moved, turned to look at him..

"are you a stalker?" yunho asked pissed, seeing it was the boy who bumped into him a while ago..

"what? me? a STALKER? are you crazy?" the boy asked back

"then why the hell are you following me?"

"well for your information MR. JUNG YUN---"

the boy was cutted off by Yunho's hands on his mouth..

"Dont you dare tell my name!" he hissed...

The boy smirked..

"You're in disguise huh?" he teased

"yeah so what?!" yunho snapped

The boy chuckled

"i didn't kknow Jung Yunho is actually snobbish!" he said amused

Yunho sighed

"No im not!! its just that, you seem like a stalker" he defensed

"Iam not! don't worry! though im one of your fan!" the boy admitted

Yunho's eyes widened

"A BOY FAN?" he exclaimed

The boy giggled..

"yep i am! so what??!" he asked

"err... sorry, well you see, i rarely see boy cassiopeias! i eben thought there really aren't any!" yunho answered

"yea! i am a cassiopeia, but im not like any obssessed fan girls there who just like DBSK because of their looks! i like them because of their songs! though, i must admit, you 4 do look good!" the boy said...

Yunho nodded in understanding..

"alright! anyways, whats your name?"he asked

"Im Kim Jaejoong.." the boy, "Jaejoong" answered

"hmm... Jaejoong, nice name!" he commented

"thanks! ermm anyways! where are you off to?" Jaejoong asked

"Im going to this province called Gongju!" Yunho answered

Somehow, he feels so comfortable being around this boy, who he thought, possessed some girl traits too.. Having quite a long hair, Slender body, milky white skin, red lips.. just too girly... but nonetheless, BEAUTIFUL.. beautiful is even an understatement.. Only his "angel"-like voice tells you he is a boy..

"Oh really!? what a coincidence! i live there!" Jaejoong exclaimed happily

Yunho chuckled

"im starting to doubt that you really aren't a stalker you know!" he remarked

Jaejoong's eyes twitched

"I AM NOT A STALKER! thats true! and was it my fault if i live there?" he exclaimed

Yunho chuckled a bit, this boy is too cute..

"i was just kidding!" he said

Jaejoong pouted, but smiled nonetheless..

"anyway, do you already have a place to stay there?" Jaejoong asked

"none at the moment.. maybe i'll just rent or check in on a hotel. It will be good, besides i'll just be staying there for 2 weeks!" Yunho answered

Jaejoong nodded in understanding

"alright! but you know what? you can just stay at our house! its just my aunt and i living there! and it will save you money for renting.. though you really dont have to save.. besides, were friends now right?" He suggested

"hm.. where is that house?" he asked

"its on a subdivision there, you'll know it when we arrive, its really peaceful there, fresh air, nice sceneries, delicious foods of my aunt!" jaejoong answered hopeful...





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