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My Little Prince Chapter 2

Living With Him
Now, Yunho is living with Jaejoong... what do you think will emerge?

THe 2 boys arrived at the place. Jaejoong is right! It really is a place where "fatigue" and "stress" is out of their vocabs. It really is so peaceful and so relaxing. Both entered the house. jaejoong called for his aunt..

"AJUMMA? im home!"

A woman on 4o's went down the stairs after hearing that!

"Jaejae! oh my god! i was so worried!" she exclaimed hugging him.

Yunho smiled, jaejjong chuckled.

"Im alright Ajumma!" Jaejoong assured

The aunt pulled back, then she noticed Yunho..

"Oh! you have a visitor!" she exclaimed

Yunho bowed, Jaejoong introduced him..

"He's Jung Yunho, my friend, and he'll be staying here for 2 weeks!" he said..

The aunt nodded, and it hit her..

"OH MY GOD! you mean, he is the DBSK singer?" the aunt asked

Jaejoong chuckled and nodded

"wow! you know me ma'am?" yunho asked, amazed

The aunt hugged yunho too.. and then pulled back flashing him a bright smile..

"Of course! who wouldn't know a person if the person you live with always talk about him 24/7? right jae?" the aunt answered

Jaejoong blushed at that, the aunt smirked, yunho nodded in understanding, but he wasn't so sure if he's gonna believe that...

"Oh! Nice meeting you  Ajumma!" yunho said.

"Nice meeting you too, now jae! why don't you lead Yunho shi to his room? i'll cook for the 2 of you!" Ajumma suggested

Jaejoong nodded and walked, Yunho followed..

While they are walking..

"so err... is it really just the 2 of you here?" Yunho asked

"Yeah! Im an only son, My parents died when i was 10, so my ajumma took care of me!" Jaejoong answered

"Oh I see! ajumma shi is nice! She's quite funny!" Yunho commented

"Oh! she really is! thats why i love her so much!" Jaejoong seconded

And then they arrived at yunho's would be bedroom. the bedrrom beside Jaejoong's room. Jaejoong openned the door for him..

"This would be your bedroom... Actually, this is the only guestroom here and lucky you! you are the first person to use this!" Jaejoong exclaimed

Yunho entered the room

"WOW! so neat and nice!" he commented

The 2 boys and Jaejoong's aunt were now at the dining table downstairs... They are now eating...

"so yunho-shi, why are you on a vacation? i thought DBSK members are always fully packed! especially now that you are going overseas!" Ajumma asked

Yunho was amazed by the question. How come she knows all about this..

"er.. actually, our manager permitted us to gi on a vacation to rest... works left would be done after the vacation.." yunho answered

"Oh! but why are you alone vacationing?" ajumma asked

"Thats the deal, we can have our vacation but we cannot be together. our manager confiscated our cellphones and our laptops. they made sure there will be no communication at all!" Yunho answered

"But why?" ajumma asked again

"i dont know really, i just hope its valid though!" yunho answered

"Its alright! you'll be happy here! and you can rest fully!" Jaejoong butted-in

The 3 of the laughed.


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Oct. 11th, 2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
hmm....i wonder what is going to happen....*pouts* I was hoping there would only be one bedroom and then jaeho will have to share but i guess not...BTW can u add me as friend?
Oct. 19th, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)
When are you gonna write the next chapter????
I wanna know what happens next.

Nov. 6th, 2008 08:56 am (UTC)

lol, i'm liking Jaejoongie's Ajumma~

i shall now read chapter 3---<3
Jan. 6th, 2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
PS: happy birthday. :)
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