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The next days of Yunho on that province was awesome! Every morning, Jaejoong sends him notes on lavender colored papers, he brings him to different beautiful places, to differebt restaurants on the plaza, to different stores, to different things. And it really relaxes him.

Today, Jaejoong promised him that he'll bring him to a place that only he knows. It interest him so much thats why he's quite xcited, not to mention he's also excited to see Jaejoong. He doesn't know why though.. He just feels so excited to see Jaejoong's beautiful face. He is starting to get really attached to this special person.

He woke-up quite early, he immediately turned to his bedside table. as always, there is this lavender colored note on it, he picked it up and read it:

Goodmorning! Get down here fast! Breakfast is ready! I promised you that i will bring you to a special place today right?  so move fast okay??!!!

PS: Today is your 7th day here! you're already 1 week here! isnt it great?! hahaha!!


Yunho smiled, yes, its been a week! wow! time flew so fast. He just have 7 days to stay here at Jaejoong's place. He sighed... He put the note on the drawer, he counted it all, it was 7. He smiled knowing Jaejoong never failed to give him early morning notes. He got up, settled himself, and went down. He saw Ajumma and Jaejoong talking on the kitchen. ajumma looks really worried, Jaejoong on the other hand, looks quite firm... but he seemed pale, paler than usual. He decided to peak a little.. but he got a lot..

"but jaejae! you're father said that---"

"no ajumma! you won't tell father alright? im just fine!"

"jaejae you only have a week!"

"i know! thats why im gonna cherish it!"

"But jaejae you have to--"

"no! i don't want to ajumma! just let me be!"


"Ajumma. i wanna spend this week with him, I wanna be with him just for one last time"

"you know exactly what it is jaejae... right?"

"Yes, i.. i think im in love with him.."


"that's why i wanna spend this remaining days with him ajumma, i'll be fine"

"so when will you---"

"i'll not let him know... after this week, he'll leave and then he'll forget about me, thats better than him knowing"


"ajumma... just let me be alright?"


Yunho's eyes widened in shock... He cant understand what they are talking about... 2 things are for sure though, Jaejoong is lying about the death of his parents, and... he is inlove with him...

He then immediately went out of his hiding spot and act as if nothing hapenned...

"Goodmorning ajmma! goodmorning joongie!" he greeted trying very hard to push all his thought about what he heard a while ago..

Ajumma smiled at him while JAejoong grabbed him to the table and made him sit there...

"you have to eat fast okay?! we'll be going after 2 mins.!" he said and then flashed him a bright smile

"what? 2 mins? isn't it too fast?" he asked pouting..

"ermm alright! 5 min. i remembered i still have to.. err.. go to my room, i forgot something onmy room.. you eat okay!" Jaejoong answered, he then smiled at yunho, nodded to ajumma who nodded back and ran to his room...

Alright! alright! there really is something going on! but.. but.. i really don't get it! what the hell are they talking about? whats up with jaejoong? why is he always making an excuse to go back on his room after waking up? he seemed doing a routine... but what is is? and what is his secret??? Im starting to get really worried..


After a few moments, Yunho nad Jaejoong bid ajumma goodbye and went to Jaejoong's special place...


Yunho can't find the right words to describe the place... awesome, perfect, great and nice are all understatements! THIS PLACE IS AN EXCELLENT WORK OF MOTHER NATURE!
a vast lavender field with lavenders swaying in tune with the breeze, butterflies flying around, birds, dragon flies, just nature and nothing else...

"so? is it great?" jaejoong asked

"GREAT? of course not! its PERFECT!" Yunho answered

They both sat on the middle of the field...

"This place is really special for me!" jaejoong remarked

Yunho looked at him

"why?" he asked, curiousity building up...

"becasue it houses my favorite flower in the world! and this is where i always listen to my favorite sog.. and then the flowers here can hear me sing along with that song, and then they'll dance along the tune... so great isnt it!?"  Jaejoong answered

"uh-huh! but really, i am curious about you're favorite song. That must be very beautiful!" Yunho said

Jaejoong looked at him

"Would you promise that if i tell you the song, you're gonna sing it with me?" He asked

"it depends... if i know the song, then maybe i can, but if not, then not!" yunho answered

"then nevermind!" he snapped and turned to look away

Yunho chuckled, this boy is just so lovely..

"alright! alright! what is it?" he asked

Jaejoong looked at him and smiled, he then began singing..

"sarangigejyo, iron naemaumun sumgiryo heado, gumsae ibgaen misoman.."

Yunho was amazed by his voice. He sings like an angel, clearly, "my little princess" deserves his voice..

he then sang along with him. Clearly, Jaejoong is very pleased..

"Yagsoghargge..." the song ended..

"so you're favorite song is "my little princess"!" Yunho concluded...

"yep! but i would have love it if it was titled "my little prince" instead!" Jaejoong said then laid down the, looking at the sky..

Yunho followed, looking at the sky too...

"why would you like it to be prince?" he asked

"you won't belive it if i tell you!" jaejoong answered

"i will if you tell me the truth!" he insisted

Jaejoong looked intently at yunho, without yunho knowing..

"if you only knew.." he mumbled softly, so soft that only he can hear...

He then looked away..

"nevermind that!" he then exclaimed, facing the sky again

"alright!" yunho said, not pushing through the topic

They fell on a comfortable silence, and then suddenly...

"i wanna be buried here when i die.." jaejoong said..

This made yunho look at him, confused

"why here?" he asked

"because its special right? i told you so a while ago!" jaejoong answered

"why are you thinking about death so suddenly then?" yunhoo asked instead

"because im practical! we all know that we are leaving this world, its just that, were gonna leave it at different times, but for me, one thing is for sure, if ever i die tomorrow, im ready and im happy!" jaejoong answered...


Yunho carried Jaejoong in a piggy back ride way... Jaejoong fell asleep a while ago and he just can't wake the boy up, not now when he sees him so fragile, and peaceful...

They arrived at the house around 6:30 PM, they stayed on that place for like te whole day talking just about anything under the sun..

Ajumma assisted Yunho in bringing Jaejoong to his room. ajumma openned the door for Yunho to place Jaejoong in the bed. This is the first time Yunho has entered jaejoong's room, and he was amazed! It looks so much like the place a while ago... so full of lavender. there are also some posters of DBSK and him on the wall, but before he can even examine the said room, Ajumma made him get out of the room. She seems hiding something. Yunho obliged and went out of the room, but before he closed the door, he was so sure he saw medicine bottles on the bedside table, he just isn't sure what are those medicine bottles for..

He just went to his room... thinking about Jaejoong and his secret.. He throwed himself on the bed, and fell asleep afterwards..


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Oct. 13th, 2008 02:49 pm (UTC)
Oh no!! Jae is dying???? T__________T
Oct. 13th, 2008 08:21 pm (UTC)
Oh I think I have an headache...Please Jae don't die... :( I don't want him to die...What will happen now???
Jan. 6th, 2009 10:33 am (UTC)
hmm.. lets see...but i'll be sure to work hard for it..
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Jan. 6th, 2009 10:34 am (UTC)
i think its a happy ending.. hehehe...
Nov. 6th, 2008 09:03 am (UTC)
omo omo!!! NOOOOoooo... DX

Jaejoongie. Yunho-oppa. WAHAAAA!!

<3 i cant wait for chapter 4
Nov. 6th, 2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
I'm loving it. But it's going to have a sad ending isn't it?
Jan. 6th, 2009 10:32 am (UTC)
yeah.. quite...
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