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Yunho was awakened by the siren's noise. He sat up abruptly and looked out of the window, panic raising. He then saw Ajumma crying helplessly and jaejoong, unconsious, full of blood stains on his shirt and some are on his nose and his mouth, on the stretcher. He felt like dying instantly. He then saw ajumma boarding the emergency van, like on cue, he ran downstairs hoping to catch up, but its too late, they have gone...

He fell on his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks...

"what.. what the hell is happenning?" he whispered..

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENNING HERE???" he screamed, pained

It just hurts him too much to see jaejoong like that.. He didn't know why he's like that, and he certainly can't remember saying something about an illness... And as if an answer for that question, he remembered the medicines on Jaejoong's side table. He ran immediately on Jae's room.

When he arrived on the said boy's room, he sat on the bed and looked at the bedside table. He saw medicines, he picked it up and read the label, alright! he may not be any nurse or pharmacist but anyone can clearly tell that THOSE MEDICINES WERE FOR CANCER! He then openned the 1st and 2nd drawer, he saw piles of the same medicines.. But on the 3rd drawer, he saw  7 lavender colored notes that jaejoong uses for his early morning notes. He picked all of them. The 7 papers already have something written on them..

goodmorning! its you 8th day here..

9th day! my god! you only have 5 days here!..



All are morning notes of Jaejoong for him... he breathed hard.. he then gave a last look on the 3rd drawer, and then, he saw a bigger lavender paper folded into 2. He picked it up and read it..


Im sure if you read this, I already have left this world... I really, really, really am happy to spend my last weeks with you.. I wont exchange it to anything in this world.. I also know that by today, you may also have know my illness, the truth about my parent, and about ajumma..
Im gonna paste this diary entry of mine here, so that you'll know everything..

"I, Kim Jaejoong, is an only child of 2 very rich person.. They are indeed rich, but their money can't cure me.. They already did everything they can, but im just so hopeless... there really isn't any cure with this disease, So i decided to leave our house with my closest maid which i call my ajumma and live here at Gongju...

I am a really huge fan of DBSK, i love their songs so much! They amaze me so much! but who amazes me most is their band leader Jung YUNHO.I think he really is a great person, judging from the fact that he is so good to people.. I may have not know him personally, but i know in my heart he really is.

The happiest moments of my short life is seeing yunho perform. In midst of my medication,I always watch him before i take my medicine. He diminishes all my fears and replaces it with strenght..

Those moments were just understatements though, as i consider my happiest, most perfect times of my life being actually with him! Im so happy bumping into him on that train station. i was on my way home from my monthly medication when that happenned. And to my great surprise, he ended up living with ajumma and me..

The first week of yunho living with us is so overwhelming. He is really very likeable. He cracks jokes and makes funny noises. i love how he does those things... He's also very down to earth, which makes me fall in love with him more! YES! you read it right! I do love him! WHY? can't a boy feel something like that towards a boy too?? oh NEVERMIND!

I may have already left this world, but my love for him will never fade. I'll not stop supporting him.. And i'll also tell GOD once when i met him to bless him with so much oppurtunities..

I'll always watch him over there.."

-i hope you already have understood it..How amazing is it ne? you made me fall in love with you for just 2 weeks! but nevermind! i just want you to be safe... and you know what? you're not suppose to know this, but i decided otherwise...

PS: can i request? for the last time? ca you sing my favorite song on my burial? and please, make it PRINCE! alight? :P


Yunho's tears can't stop from flowing... Now, he can truly understand what is happenning to him...


How silly am i? why can't i feel that he's actually ill? why didn't i question about those speculations earlier? why am i so numb to not feel what he feels for me sooner?? I..I love you... joongie..


Yunho was waiting on the living room for ajumma, at elats... He knows that she'll come home...

He was just soo tired. his eyes were bulky  from crying without his knowledge, he also can't feel ay hunger, he hasn't eaten anything yet...

Suddenly, ajumma arrived, she looks exactly like him, tired, restless, eyes are bulky, worried...

He immediately held her hands tight...

"tell me! is he alright?" he asked firmly

Ajumma looked at him sadly, but said nothing...


"ajumma! tell me! please!" yunho said louder

"he.." ajumma started

"he what?" yunho asked more firmly

"HE'S HOPELESS!" ajumma blurted out with cracked voice..


Ajumma broke into tears again, and fell on her knees... yunho was frozen on the spot..

"the... the doctor... he said that... jaejoong.... jaejoong... he can't be cured... there's nothing... there's nothing else... they can do.." ajmma managed to say between her sobs..

Yunho's body was shaking... he managed to held Ajumma on his arms and bith sat on the couch..

"is he still alive?" ha asked..

"yes.. bt the doctor said... he'll only last a week.." Ajumma answered still crying..


Yunho and Ajumma went to the hospital the next day. Whn they arrived, the doctor called Ajumma, while yunho went straight to Jaejoong's room...

He entered the room quitely, he saw jaejoong sleeping peacefully. he looked really really pale.. He also has this oxygen mask on his mouth. it must be really hard.. He walked closer and closer to him, until he was standing directly beside Jaejoong's bed. Yunho then sat on the chair beside the bed, still staring at him,He then held jaejoong's left hand, and started stroking his raven locks.

Subconsiously, he started singing..

"Sarangigejyo, iron naemaumun sumgiryo haedo, gumsae ibgaen misoman

Harudo andwae, ddo bogoshipojyo ojjojyo nae mamun gipun byonge golingor

Geurun nae musub ijen obsur goyeyo

Johun goman boyojugo shipungoryo

Jogi nopunhanullo naraga saranghandago sesange marhallae
Gipun bamhanurre gojiji ahnun BOY
nomanur jiginun binanun byori dwergeyo

you are my love.."

He then stopped sensing Jaejoong moved his finger


Jaejoong openned his eyes slowly..

"yunnie-ah?" he asked, at least, audible enough for yunho to understand, despite of the oxygen mask..

Yunho stood, his face directly above jaejoong's face...

"yes its me.. how are you feeling?" he asked back

"im alright.." jaejoong answered

"are you sure?" he asked again

Jaejoong nodded

"Im sorry.." he whispered, but smiled sadly

"why are you sorry?" yunho asked

"because... i'll not... be able... to tour you... around.." he asnwered..

"you don't have to.. i'll be just fine.." yunho assured

Jaejoong smiled.. Yunho sat back..

"why didn't you tell me sooner?" yunho asked

"i... just want... you to enjoy.... with..out anything... in mind.." he answered

"but you're making me feel guilty..." yunho said

Jaejoong tried to sit up, but he can't alone, so yunho helped him by adjusting the bed upright...

"you.. dont have to... feel guilty... about this... yunnie-ah.." he said smiling..

"but i acn't help it.." yunho said cracked voice, pained

Jaejoong held yunho's hands

"i'll... be fine... alright!.. I'll bee.. here for just... 3 days then.. ill come home.. this isn't really... serio-"

he was cutted off by Yunho's glare..

"don't you try to hide the fact Kim Jaejoong.." he said in a whisper

Jaejoong was taken aback..

"what do you mean?" he asked, pulling his hands back, then taking off the oxygen mask..

"i already have read it jaejoong.." Yunho said, not realy answering the question..

Jaejoong's eyes widened..

"you... you already.."


Jaejoong sighed, and looked down.. staring at his hands..

"you're not suppose to read that yet.." he said

Yunho suddenly stood.. Jaejoong looked up..

"DIDN'T YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED I AM?! DIDN'T YOU KNOW HOW APINFUL IT WAS SEEING APERSON SO SPECIAL TO YOU BEING BROUGHT TO A STRETCHER, SEEMINGLY LIFELESS?! didn't you?? well... it felt tremendous! i feel like dying.. i feel... i feel worthless.." yunho exclaimed quite loud, but he whispered the last sentence...

"yunnie-ah.." ha said softly..

Yunho then suddenly hugged him, quite tight.. jaejoong was taken aback..


"don't leave me jae.." yunho whispered

Jaejoong can feel hot tears on his shoulders.. he hugged back, rubbing his hands on yunho's back..


"i love you too jae.. please... don't leave me.."

Jaejoong's eyes widened, yunho pulled back to look at jae's face...he wiped his tears..

"that's true jaejoong.."


"you don't believe me?"

"i do but.."

"but what?"

"but why?"

"why ask?"



Jaejoong sighed..

"soa re you still leaving me?" yunho asked.. sitting beside jae on his bed..

"i'll try not too.." Jaejoong answered.. and smiled warmly at yunho...


Days have passed, Yunho spent his last few days taking care of Jaejoong. to their delight, He can see Jaejoong is improving.. He gets well.. They have been doing anything just so jaejoong will be well...

Today is actually Yunho's 13th day with Jaejoong and Ajumma, but they are not in the house, they are still on the hospital... Jaejoong is still continuing with the medication hoping it can prolong his life, and still, he still has this oxygen mask to support his breathing....


"Joongie?" Yunhi approached Jaejoong as he entered the room.

Jaejoong looked at Yunho

"What is it?" he asked

Yunho sat on the bed

"I have something for you.." Yunho replied

And then he made Jaejoong sit up.. and then he put the necklace he have been holding on Jaejoong's neck... It has a gold key as its pendant...

"what... is this.. for?" Jae asked

"do you like it?" Yunho asked back

Jaejoong looked at Yunho with a radiant smile, even the oxygen mask can't hide..

"of course... i do.. like it... but..." he answered

"but what?" yunho asked

"what... is this... for?" Jaejoong asked back

Yunho smiled and pulled something from his chest...
It was a necklace... but with a heart locket pendant... There's a padlock on the openning...

"This is my heart, its locked, and you have the key of it.. here, lets try it.." he explained

He get the key on jaejoong's necklace and openned the padlock with it.. it unlocked.

"see?" Yunho exclaimed happily

Jaejoong giggled..

"but that's not the real thing-" yunho said, as he open the heart...

Jaejoong gasped as he saw it...

It has a "little prince crown" on it, a golden one..

"wow! its.. nice!" he exclaimed

"you think so?" Yunho asked

Jaejoong nodded...

It just says that my little prince holds the key to my heart, and have it all on his own.." Yunho said looking intently at Jaejoong...

Jaejoong blushed but smiled nonetheless..


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Jan. 6th, 2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
awww. I wondered if this would be updated..haha! That was so adorable...I'd like a pendant like that!

so awesome. hooray, Jaejoong aint going anywhere!

JaeJoong, Fighting! 83

keep writing ^_^
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