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LOVE is in the air<3

Jaeho,Hanchul and Chunella is love<3

zhai_jung aka chujaeholover
All right!!!
annyeong hasaeyo!

nothing just wanna try it here! lols!
but anyways, im zhai^_^, from the Philippines, 14 years old
im a not-that-simple but not-that-complicated type of girl.
I love wierd things (accdg. to my friends) like SHOUNEN AI PAIRINGS!
but i dont think they are weird! my friends are just so close minded to things like this!
but anyways, lets move on!
i also love mandarin and korean pop music! they are cool!
and my favorite K-pop and Mandapop groups are TVXQ and SuJu(korean) and Fahrenheit and S.H.E(taiwanese/mandarin). They are just so cool!! love them so much!
i also love reading! i read about most of anything! ANYTHING! as long as it interest me!
my favorite reading selections are FANFICTIONS!! they are just soooo COOL! they ROCK!
i love how authors write fics because they really amaze me!

alright! ti'll here!!

xie xie ni!
thank you!